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With over 18 years of experience in developing solutions for Zebrafish husbandry, Danio Lab understands the needs of animal husbandry experts, scientists starting their very first lab and complex core facilities requiring sophisticated design. Contact us to see how we can help accelerate your research.

Danio Lab accelerates biomedical research by providing the scientific community with innovative services and tools. Our attention to detail and superior customer service guarantees your research continues seamlessly.

Preventative Maintenance

Danio Lab’s preventative maintenance programs offer Best-In-Class service with the same, quality OEM parts provided by Zebrafish housing system manufacturers.

  • pH and conductivity electrodes
  • Replacement UV lamps and quartz sleeves
  • Filter bags and cartridges
  • Custom upgrades and emergency repairs available
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Consulting / System Design

Danio Lab has assisted in the design and construction of the largest Zebrafish systems in the world. Whether you are just starting out with one rack, or building a large core facility, our expertise in aquatics room layout, system design and installation can help make planning your new lab or upgrading an existing aquatics facility a success.


Why use the zebrafish
in research?

Since the 1960s, the zebrafish (Danio rerio) has become increasingly important to scientific research. It has many characteristics that make it a valuable model for studying human genetics and disease.

The zebrafish is small and robust. They are cheaper to maintain than mice.

Zebrafish produce hundreds of offspring at weekly intervals providing scientists with an ample supply of embryos.

Zebrafish embryos are nearly transparent which allows researchers to easily examine the development of internal structures.

Zebrafish have a similar genetic structure to humans. They share 70 per cent of genes with us.

Break of daylight triggers mating in zebrafish (many other fish only lay eggs in the dark).

As a vertebrate, the zebrafish has the same major organs and tissues as humans. Their muscle, blood, kidney and eyes share many features with human systems.

The zebrafish genome has been fully sequenced to a very high quality. This has enabled scientists to create mutations in more than 14,000 genes to study their function.

Zebrafish have the unique ability to repair heart muscle. For example, if part of their heart is removed they can grow it back in a matter of weeks.


Our products

Hungry fish? Danio Lab has your back - visit our online store today!

Zebrafish Feeders ZF ONE


The ZF ONE Zebrafish Feeder is a new smaller model with one fine dose setting. The preset feed range is ideal for 1-2 adult fish and larval tanks. Our feeders were specifically designed to accurately dispense the sensitive Gemma 300 feed and work with many other dry feeds in the 100-500 micron range.


Zebrafish Feeder ZF TWO


The UPDATED ZF TWO Zebrafish Feeder is the successor to the ZF3 model. The two, new preset feed ranges for 10 fish and 20 fish give husbandry staff the speed and control to accurately feed any size fish room.

Our feeders were specifically designed to accurately dispense the sensitive Gemma 300 feed and works with many other dry feeds in the 100-500 micron range.

- 6061 Anodized Aluminum Construction
- 120 mL Capacity
- 2 Preset Dose Settings


Zebrafish Feeder ZF TWO Upgrade


Upgrade first gen ZF2 (pre-April 2019) and older ZF3 feeder models to the new ZF2 spec! This revision dispenses dry diets more accurately and provides a true, two-stop functionality. Each section feeds 10 adult fish for a total volume equal to the older feeders.


Zebrafish Research Diet


Zebrafish Research Diet - Premium Artemia Replacement

Danio Lab ZRD is a complete Artemia replacement diet for all stages of Zebrafish growth and maintenance. Optimal nutritional augmentation and lipid loading.Micro-encapsulated to remain stable and intact.

Nutritional Composition:

Protein 59%. Fat - 13%. Ash - 15%. Fiber - 0.3%.

Sizes Available:

ZRD-1: 80-100 Micron
ZRD-2: 100-200 Micron
ZRD-3: 200-300 Micron
ZRD-4: 300-500 Micron


Marine proteins, purified fish oils, micro algae, lecithin, vitamins, DHA, EPA



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