Rory Francis

Founder & CEO of South Boston Life Science Corp (SOBO) and Danio Lab

Rory Francis has been developing solutions for Zebrafish research teams for over 20 years. Starting out as the operator of a machine shop within another life sciences company, Rory soon learned every facet of the business and travelled the world installing, servicing and supporting Zebrafish tank systems for biomedical research.

Following a brief stint in the advertising/marketing industry, and a summer as a weekend fish feeder, Rory founded Danio Lab in September 2016 with the goal to continuously innovate and provide new products and services to Zebrafish researchers worldwide. Danio Lab is now a division of South Boston Life Science Corp, which Rory founded in March of 2020 to expand our offerings across other areas of life science research.

Rory and the whole team at South Boston Life Science Corp and our Danio Lab division proudly serve the international research community, with clients in Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East and North America.

Chris Rogalski

Aquatic Service Technician

CJ studied Marine Biology at the University of New England (Biddeford, ME). He later completed certifications to be a scuba instructor in order to gain further experience in the field as well pursue his passion for diving. Before his current role at Danio Labs as an aquatic field technician, he used his marine biology and diving experience while working for Fathom Resources on mussel relocation in Massena, NY.

At Danio Lab, CJ specializes in servicing and supporting all of our awesome clientele. This invovles leveraging a variety of skills and knowledge in order to maintain all types of zebrafish systems.

CJ focuses on traveling to all our accounts to upkeep their aquatic systems, developing solutions for our clients, and solving any challenges. He also is invovled in developing and fabricating new Danio Lab products.

Ryan Rezendes

Marketing Associate - South Boston Life Science Corp (SOBO) / Danio Lab

Ryan has an educational background in Marine Science with extensive experience in both lab and field work within various scientific endeavors. Over the years Ryan has developed a diversified, multidisciplinary background in marine science, aquaculture, teaching, and marketing.

This included a wide range of experiences ranging from working at Brown University as a Research Assistant in their zebrafish facility, working in a Sea Urchin Hatchery in Hawaii, to serving as Salomon’s New England Community Marketing Manager.

Aligning his strong interests with science and marketing, Ryan leverages and integrates his wide skillsets in the aquaculture sector with his passion and expertise in the marketing/communications field where he is now focusing on accelerating growth at SOBO. At Danio Lab (a Division of SOBO), Ryan works towards creating and implementing marketing strategies for the company.

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