Danio Care

Service & Support

At Danio Lab, we know service. Our primary business for the last 6+ years has been providing service and support for zebrafish users worldwide. This includes zebrafish husbandry, operations, system design, preventative maintenance programs, and other specialized services as needed. All of our service plans are specialized and tailored for each client. Service starts at these levels (but can be customized based on your specific needs):


A two-year comprehensive warranty and basic Care Plan are included with the purchase of your Danio Housing System.

Our Preventative Maintenance programs cover our new Danio Housing line, and we offer the same OEM replacement parts for most major brands of Zebrafish/Xenopus Systems.

Danio Lab service also offers:

  • Replacement pH, Conductivity, TGP and other sensors.
  • Replacement UV lamps and quartz sleeves.
  • Custom upgrades and emergency support.

Contact Us

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information. Call +1-617-982-3151 or send us a message: