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Zebrafish Research Diet - Premium Artemia Replacement

Danio Lab ZRD is a complete Artemia replacement diet for all stages of Zebrafish growth and maintenance. Typical Artemia production and hatching involves copious amounts of space, time, skill, and cost – this diet serves as a viable alternative to replace that process with an optimized pre-made feed.

This formulation includes optimal nutritional augmentation and lipid loading. In addition, it’s micro-encapsulated to remain stable and intact.

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For international orders, please email: hello@daniolab.com

Features & Advantages

  • Complete Artemia replacement with high quality, essential digestible ingredients
  • Mimics the nutritional value of Artemia nauplii
  • Eliminates labor, time, and cost associated with live Artemia
  • Consistent nutrient composition (and consistent price)
  • Easy storage & longer shelf life
  • Biosecure – free of pathogens

Sizes Available

  • ZRD-1: 80-100 microns
  • ZRD-2: 100-200 microns
  • ZRD-3: 200-300 microns
  • ZRD-4: 300-500 microns


A nutritionally balanced and enriched formulation of marine proteins, purified fish oils, micro algae, lecithin, vitamins, DHA, and EPA.

Nutritional Composition

Protein (%) Fat (%) Ash (%) Fiber (%)


USA and select international countries. Not available yet for Australia and UK. For international orders, please email: Hello@DanioLab.com


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