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Insourcing & Compliance

With more than 20 years of experience in the scientific zebrafish husbandry field, Danio Lab has advanced knowledge and skills in developing practical and innovative solutions through detail-oriented, superior and efficient customer service in addition to providing a personable all-around experience. We are a total care provider in zebrafish husbandry, operations, aquatic system design, housing, and filtration systems.

Having worked with a broad range of clients, organizations, universities, and institutions over years, Danio Lab has provided guidance, technical expertise, and training for a wide variety of individuals and teams of all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels – including husbandry techs, vet techs, aquatic specialists, research assistants, students, lab/facility managers, PIs, and more.

We can provide both in-person and off-site/remote technical assistance via call, video (Zoom), or email depending on your needs and prefernces.

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Danio Core


  • With more than 20 years of experience in the scientific zebrafish husbandry field, Danio Lab has been developing solutions for clientele around the globe.
Danio Core

Areas of Expertise

  • Zebrafish husbandry and life support systems (water quality, system maintenance, equipment, diagnostics, health monitoring, etc.), regulatory compliance, biosecurity protocols, best management practices, standard operating procedures, and more.

Danio Core

Professional & Specialized Consulting

  • We offer both in-person & remote technical assistance via call, video, or email.
  • We provide various levels of service & support depending on the needs of your team and facility
Danio Core

In-Depth & Personalized Training

  • We offer tailored training sessions and plans for individuals & groups no matter what your level of knowledge is
  • Both on & off-site training is available based on your needs and preferences

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